Monthly Archives: March 2013

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer…

Just wrapped up underscoring two episodes of “Dora the Explorer” for the eighth season of the much loved Nickelodeon series. Moving right on to two more. Then it will almost be summer…..

gibberish. completes (Wanna Go a Little Crazy)

gibberish logoThe writing and production team of gibberish. wrapped their latest tune, “(Wanna Go a Little) Crazy”, a party anthem for the ages. Vocals by Jennifer Donnelly. gibberish. are Jed Becker and Askold Buk. Listen to it now!

The Lord Calverts play 78 Below

The Lord Calverts, ersatz ’60s garage rock heroes from Baltimore, play 78 Below @ 380 Columbus Ave on April 18th. Come out and see us!

Fatima Ptacek, our Dora, wins Oscar! (sorta)

Our Dora, Fatima Ptacek, starred in the Oscar winning live-action short, Curfew. The director, Shawn Christensen, was gracious enough to credit Fatima’s performance as essential to the film’s success in his televised acceptance speech. Way to go, Fatima!Jed Becker with Fatima Ptacek, voice of Dora the Explorer and recent star in the Oscar winning live-action short, Curfew


Music Editing for MSG

Doing a weekly job editing music for MSG Network campaign, creating a series of :30, :15 and :10 second edits for spots for “Friday Night Knicks”.